Custom web-based solutions

You know what you want, and we know web development. We have worked, and will work, with third-party tools - controls, CMS, CRM - we'll build you your own, and we'll reuse ours to give your products a solid e-commerce portal on the web, to give your services a slick SaaS interface that people can reach through their browsers, even on their mobile devices.
Data processing services

Accuracy and availability - the pillars of keeping records. We have put together quite a few server applications to read, parse, and push in several formats, over several protocols. Current projects in development are focusing on localization and minimizing duplication to reduce bandwidth needs.
Mobile apps

Not just because we are a Microsoft shop, we love Windows Phone and the future of mobile development. HTML5, MVVM architecture, and the .NET 4.5 Framework are essential tools as we develop for our ever-increasingly mobile world. This is not to say we haven't picked up an iPhone, or two, and we have already worked on some Android projects.
Technology guidance

In the course of developing software solutions, we have cultivated project management methodologies which can be applied to your business needs:
  • Data migration
  • Server/Network restructuring
  • Technology purchasing
When you need more than a development team, we can give you more than a development team. We're TheFuture.